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Jory is a pint sized cutie with a big personality!

This little guy wants nothing more than to snuggle up with you in bed, or on your lap. He’s also happy to go snooze in his crate with his favourite stuffed toy (he’s excellent at fetch!).

Outside the house, Jory is an excellent walker and enjoys long excursions as he likes to take in all the neighbourhood smells, as well as greet as many humans and dogs he possibly can! Jory is currently working on learning basic commands and is already house trained and crate trained; he’s a smart guy and picks up on new concepts quickly. He gets along fine with the two resident dogs and cat and is learning that sharing is caring when it comes to his people’s attention.

Jory’s one little dude who’s jam packed with personality; his stubby little legs and chocolate brown eyes will just about steal anybody’s heart!