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Meet Joe!

Joe is a snuggly little man. He loves his people with his whole heart and will cuddle you any way, and anywhere, he can. He loves to give kisses, but sometimes forgets to pop a tic-tac first!

Joe likes other dogs, but prefers they respect his personal space. He is also happy to accept head and bum pets from almost anyone, but reserves his tummy for his closest people. He can be a little shy when first meeting people, but warms up pretty quickly.

Joe loves a good snack (don’t we all), especially of the meat and cheese variety. He will definitely ask for some human food, but is respectful once he is told no. The longer he is with you, the more his laid back personality shines. He is okay being crated for the day, but also happy to roam free in the apartment. ATTENTION!! Joe is NOT a chewer. Oh, and he is house trained, too! He loves a good lounge day, but definitely enjoys a day on the town here and there.

This boy is blind in one eye, has a stunning underbite, and the most precious ears I have ever seen. Win his heart and he’ll make yours melt!