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Jesse is a fun, energetic, curious and smart pup! He loves playing fetch and always keeps his collection of chew toys and stuffed animals nearby. He is very friendly with people and loves getting pets and kisses from people he encounters on walks. Jesse gets along well with other dogs and enjoys spending time with his foster sister. 

He is still getting used to living in a busy city environment but is quickly learning how to deal with the loud traffic and crowded places. This brave boy can even walk into the elevator on his own now!

Jesse is comfortable sleeping in his crate, but if it were up to him, would rather share your bed! He is sassy enough to tell you when he is unhappy but is so smart that he will accept his mistakes.

Jesse is a very smart and high energy pup who benefits from mental and physical stimulation. However, once his energy is spent, he is a cute little cuddle bug! He will nestle his cute little face onto your lap, chest or arms and fall asleep. He is an absolute soft, plushy cuddle bug who will want to be with you at all times.