Sweet Jayhawk is a shy, gentle beautiful little boy who is just searching for that perfect forever home. He was a little shy when we first met him but since then he has opened his big big heart and now sleeps soundly next to us on the couch.

If you want a dog that you can take on big long walks with you and then retire on the couch for some much needed down time, then Jayhawk is the guy for you. He is incredibly sweet and gentle, and I think once he finds his place with his forever people he is going to blossom into the best friend you are dreaming of. He is great with other dogs and warms up to people quickly. He was a champ at the vet, all he wanted was some pats from the Doctor!

Jayhawk is great in his crate, he loves having his own little space to call his own, and when you leave the house he is quite content to just power down and wait for your arrival home. It just seems like Jay has had a tough life up until this point and he is just so so grateful to everyone that takes care of him, he will honestly melt your heart in minutes.