Jacey is a spunky little gal who’s super affectionate (she loves to give kisses!) and is very playful. She likes rope toys so far and tiny toys she can carry in her mouth (she’s tiny after all!) She’s a cuddler who loves to hang out on your lap or is happy snuggling up beside you on the couch.

She’s not housebroken yet (but we’re working on it) and she hasn’t quite embraced the Canadian life. The cold weather has not been her favourite thing so she will need patience when going outdoors. We’re working on crate training Jacey and so far she sleeps very well in her crate overnight.

Jacey is food incentivized and loves getting treats. She doesn’t make too many noises in the house. She’ll bark a bit in her crate but settles down and sometimes might bark softly when she hears a neighbour’s dog.