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Selma and Irma are like two old sisters who never married or had kids.

Irma is the sensible one, where as Selma likes to test the edge a little. These two cuties seem to have gone through some tough times but they’re still so sweet. They’re low energy, love to spend their days in their pillow lined crate (they’re princesses, let’s be real)  or sunbathing on the couch when that afternoon light hits. They will make the best companions as they love to be close to you and will ask for pets by placing a gentle paw on you. They get excited when you come home to them but will quickly settle down for some cuddles.

These girls are still coming out of their shells and adjusting to city living. With the love and patience of their forever home, we’re sure that these girls will open up and show off more of their feisty side!