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Iris is a sweet and gentle dog who loves naps, and then loves waking up from a nap to slide under the nearest hand for a rub.
This pup is not a fan of the cold or snow, although this might be because she’s a little underweight and her coat is very fine. She’s a tenacious soul though and with two coats, she keeps trying to enjoy the outdoors.
Iris is relaxed and happy when it’s quiet and when she can be near people. She does not bark and is very inviting to new humans, approaching them for pets and leaning her head on anyone who stays still. She is indifferent to dogs on the sidewalk and polite when friendly dogs sniff her. This little lady is a bit wary of big dogs and prefers pups that are more her size.
Iris needs to work on house-training, but she is very smart and we’re making great progress! I estimate that she’ll be almost accident-proof by the end of the weekend.