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Hiya! I’m Idgie!

I love to play tug of war with my favourite piggy toy and I also really really love my tennis ball! It can be sooo hard to choose between them sometimes but I’m 2 years old now and can make those tough decisions easy-peasy. I’m a smart little Idgie and I know how to sit PLUS I know how to ask to use the mens room.

I love to play with my toys and go for walks, but I’m also a BIG snuggle bug; I’m the perfect balance! I’m very good on leash, though sometimes I catch a whiff of something extra super good and I just gotta go check it out! I love love LOVE to play with my people (or ANY people) and other dogs too. Some other pups don’t wanna play with me and I just don’t get it! How can you NOT want to play?

Anywho, I’m doing super well with city life, all the hustle and bustle doesn’t bug me none, I just like to watch big trucks go by to make sure they don’t squash lil’ Idgie over here! I’m ready to find my forever home, paws crossed it’s with someone who loves to play and loves to give dogs named Idgie belly rubs!