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Hummus is the definition of lovely. It is clear that he has spent his entire life in a shelter as he is very spooked by any and all movement but after only one day, has gotten so much more brave! He loves to play more than absolutely anything! He is still very much a puppy so needs lots of attention and patience as he is also a counter surfer (but is super responsive when you tell him to get down). He has had 2 accidents in the house due to excitement but mostly lets you know when he needs to go out. He likes other dogs but is unsure when approaching them and likes to be very vocal! He is scared of stairs but is getting better every time we work on it together. He loves his people and gets very attached very quickly. He is unsure and excitable when it comes to cats and small animals. He is learning not to pull but he loves his walks! He is the easiest boy to fall in love with!