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Hi there, I’m Hummingbird!

I am the gentlest sweetheart of a dog. I’m a 4 year old little lady who is waaaay beyond playing with toys. I’d prefer a good cuddle with my humans any day!! I will never ever turn down a cuddle session and my favourite place is on your lap. It’s my extra favourite place when I’m being pet at the same time! I’m very faithful and loyal and it comforts me to keep an eye on you. I’m a great walker and don’t let my small size fool you, I’ll even run if you want me to. I’m curious and social, great with other animals and I love to greet everyone. Belly scratches and long slow head pats are my fave. Aaaand I am the best at sitting pretty, especially if you pet me right at the tippy top of my head! I’m the best little snuggle bug, if you’ve got a nice lap and hands at the ready to give scritches, then you might just be my forever family!