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Hudson really is a gentle giant! He’s surprising calm inside the house and seems quite happy to just lay around with us. He settles down easily, though the second you get up, he does too. He follows us around and wants to see what we’re doing. He’s excellent in the crate too! He slept all night and has eaten his food in there. He met our neighbours and did really well, he didn’t jump at all. He’s doing well with our own dog so far as well. Hudson is still a puppy and just wants to play with our own dog. much to our dogs dismay. Hudson figured out the stairs and goes up and down them without any prompting. He needs work on the leash as he is distracted by all the new sights and smells of Toronto. Once he adjusts to life in the city, I think he’ll get easier to manage. Hudson’s a sweet boy who’s excited to join a family who will explore the city with him!