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We have seen the questions, and we are here to answer!

If we got a dollar for every comment telling us how much people dislike a dog’s name, or all of the names from an intake, we would have enough money to complete our fundraiser (which you can donate to here: Redemption Paws Littlefest 2022 ( )!

So we are here to set the record straight! Whatever we “name” our dogs, is not in fact their names. Now sometimes adopters love the name so much that they keep it, and then it does turn into the dog’s name, however, that’s not our intent. The dog’s come to us almost always with absolutely zero name recognition, so it does not phase them at all to be labeled “Kurumi” “Lydian” or “Onomatopoeia”.  Often times the fosters don’t even call the dogs these names and instead use their own nicknames. The only reason we name the dogs at all is to make sure we can find them in our database.

When you have rescued over 3,000 dogs, the last thing you want is name repeats. So in order to assure we can easily find each dog’s records, we give them all unique names. Some of which hilariously cause quite the controversy.

To make it fun for our team, and also give us direction, each intake has a theme. For example, the March 13th intake was St. Patrick’s day theme hence little miss “Leprechaun” and “Thirteen”.

We hope this little blog post can help explain the method to the madness, and also help some of you sleep better at night LOL!


If you read this and got inspired for an intake theme, DM us on Instagram! You never know, the next controversial name could be all thanks to you!

Love, The Redemption Paws Team.


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