Bai and Stitch

Two good boys


We’re back! And with another heartwarming story sent to us from an adopter!

Keep reading to hear about this adopter’s journey in finding her best boys.


“I remember hearing a call out from RP for a need of an emergency foster, I already had one foster and figured that I’d welcome another one into our home. I saw your picture Bai, you were such an underweight and scared pup, looking for someone to guide you. When we picked you up a year ago, who would have thought you’d be ours forever, but you were always supposed to be our first pup, there was no doubt.

Bai, you fit so well into our family, and more importantly, you welcomed every new foster we brought home with open “paws” and showed them the ropes on how to live on a big farm.

After adopting Bai, we welcomed a scared little foster pup named Stitch, at that moment Bai found his brother. We fell in love with him the moment Kat and Karen dropped him off. We couldn’t pass up making him a permanent member of the family. Stitch, you are the most gentle boy I’ve ever met, I do not understand how you weren’t snatched up! You are so perfect. You have given Bai a forever playmate, you are such a good little brother. Bai and Stitich are now the best foster brothers to all the pups that have walked into our home. They are so gentle, and show each foster we have so much love.

Life has changed so much with them but in the best way possible. They come to all of our sporting events, are the biggest cheerleaders, and are always the center of attention at family functions. Bai and Stitch, Mom and Dad love you so much and we couldn’t imagine life without you! We thank you every day for every lick, every cuddle, all the hair you leave behind, all the slobber, and more importantly the lasting paw marks you have left on our hearts, and our family’s hearts.

Thank you RP for saving our two beautiful boys, our house became a home with them in it, and for that we will be eternally grateful.


Mom and Dad”