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Hiya, yes it’s me Herbie! I am no longer a Shih-Tzu;  I’m the cutest little Ewok you ever did see! Ever since I got my new haircut I have an extra bit of pep in my step. I am so easy to be with; I love everyone, other dogs and cats who will tell me off if I get in their face too much. I actually don’t mind this wacky Canadian weather as long as I have my coat and my balloon boots on. I love snuggling up with you and will give you kisses but being the independent pup that I am, I will also go off and be on my own in another room thinking my own thoughts. I love my food as long as it’s soft because I only have 4 teeth! They are amazingly pearly white. I sleep well in my crate overnight and will only give a few whimpers in the morning because I have to stay in it while my foster mom feeds her cats because I will push them out of their dish to eat their food. I don’t bark even if someone comes to the door. I walk super well on a leash, I can’t remember if I’ve been on one but it’s okay. Don’t ever let me off leash because I think I would make a run for it, that’s the kind of guy I am. Bottom line I’m super chill, super cute and low maintenance.