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The sweetest dog I’ve ever met, “Heaven”, is an absolute dream. She has the calmest, most patient personality and loves snuggling on the couch for hours. If you are sleeping she will come lie down next to you, placing her head on your chest, arm over your belly and fall asleep- just like human cuddles! She also enjoys long walks and her Husky blood means that playing is the snow is her favourite activity. She is completely potty trained and is quickly learning “sit”, “no” and other basic commands. This friendly girl will say hi to anybody she meets, always seeking scratches and love. She is tentatively learning that other dogs are okay, and is coming out of her shell around them too. Because she’s so loving, she is very attached now but is learning to gain her independence and that it’s okay if she can’t see her humans at all times, and sleeping in her crate is actually fun once she’s given it a try! She is very well behaved, not scratching or having any issues with the furniture or household items. She devours any and all food or treats and has the most gorgeous ice blue eyes! We aren’t sure how she is with cats but given how gentle she is, we think it could work out. We’re genuinely so jealous of whoever gets to be this angels parents.