Is it a rabbit? Is it a bat? It’s Hayden! Little Hayden is doing so well and it hasn’t even been 24 hours. He slept like an angel last night and didn’t make a peep. He only had one accident in the house and has done the rest of his business outside so I think house training will be a breeze. I left him in his crate today for an hour while I went into work and aside from the standard few whimpers he did great! He’s spunky, energetic and a total comedian. He keeps me smiling and laughing constantly with how expressive his ears are and the silly faces he makes. Hayden will definitely benefit from lots of stimulation and things to chew on and squeak. He is a smart cookie too – already learned sit and down and knows how to pull me back to the apartment when he’s had enough of this winter business! It helps that he is food motivated (I should make him a sign that says “will work for treats and belly rubs”)! He’s a submissive little guy and when we come home from walks and I have to wipe his feet he just rolls over and enjoys the foot and belly massage. Hayden is adjusting surprisingly well and would thrive in a home that is prepared to give him the attention and exercise he craves. He is a 100% good boy and ready for adoption ASAP!