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Meet Hannah! She’s a bundle of sweetness who has unlimited love to give. People? Loves them. Other dogs? Loves them. Squirrels? Loves (to chase) them. She’s currently working on containing her love just a wee bit, not everyone appreciates a million welcome home smooches!

She sleeps through the night in her crate, eats like a champ, and is a smart cookie. Hannah is quickly learned to sit, give a paw, and she’s currently working on laying down. Hannah almost never barks and loves playing her toys – especially Kongs and puzzle toys to figure out how to get more treats. She can chew on those for ages, but she doesn’t chew on anything that isn’t hers!
Hannah is still getting used to busy streets and loud cars, but she loves going for walks and exploring the neighbourhood. And with every walk, she just gets better and better as she continues to discover everything the city has to offer.