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Hadley is a beautiful soul with soft white fur.  She loves to play around with my dog and loves playing with all his toys.  She craves love and attention but is fine napping anywhere in the apartment or at your feet.  She loves watching me do my daily house chores and loves being petted.  She is fairly deaf and fairly blind but not totally and I don’t think I would have jumped to that conclusion because of the fact she loves playing with my dog and can clearly see him.  She may walk into a glass door a couple times but that just makes you smile just a little for her full effort trying to get through doors.  She is actually the best walker I’ve had and walks attentively by your side without ever pulling you and I think its because she relies on my guidance.  She’s very playful and I think would do well in dog parks.  Very cuddly and adorable.  I imagine her adopters could be anyone really from young to old. 🙂