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This little scruffy munchkin is Groves!

He is a total sweetheart and charms everyone he meets. He’s great in the crate and when he’s not in there hanging out he is usually just found lounging on the couch. He is low energy but enjoys long quiet walks, he walk beautifully on leash too.

Groves is getting more and more confident as the days go by. He has mastered going up the stairs already!

He gets along well with other animals though he generally pays them no mind because all of his attention goes to his people! He loves his people, the people over there, the people across the street, if you’re a person, Groves is definitely going to love on you big time. His favourite people are the people who reciprocate his feelings and give him cuddles, kisses or a good belly rub!

He’s still figuring out what to do with toys but he doesn’t mind being spoiled with treats! We are currently working on commands like “sit” and “down”. He’s already mastered house training!

There’s really nothing negative that can be said about this sweet little dude, he is such a good boy that just wants to find his forever home and be loved.