Griffith is a sweet young pup with a great personality who just wants to make everyone around him smile!

He’s loyal and soooo affectionate, always giving people hugs and relishing in any cuddles he gets!  Griffith is curious on walks and is slowly but surely adjusting to his new urban environment.  He walks well on leash and loves making new friends while he’s out exploring the city. He’s great with other dogs and just wants to say hi to everyone he meets! Griffith is amazing in his crate and sleeps all night without a peep.  He can be a pretty goofy pup at times and just slides all over place when he’s excited!  He’s in the process of learning fetch and does the cutest little hop when he tries to catch his rope toy.

Griffith’s an all around great puppy with a lot of heart! He’ll make the best addition to his new family, ️ everyone that meets him loves him and you will too!