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Meet Gretchen! She’s surely as happy to meet you as you are to meet her. This gentle and good-natured gal loves giving and receiving affection from people and will actively solicit face and belly rubs. She gets her motivation from making her people happy. Seriously, there’s nothing she loves more than getting praise and pats for a job well done.

Long, peaceful loose-leash walks are on the horizon with this cutie, she’s making great strides with leash training! She perks up with interest when passing people, dogs and of course, squirrels and isn’t bothered by the hustle and bustle of busy streets. She’ll stay out as long as you want, but is happy to come back in whenever you want too. And when she’s back at home, it’s couch snuggles non-stop.

This crate-trained beauty doesn’t make a peep at night, or during the workday (condo-friendly!) and is perfectly content to snooze away (without any potty accidents, we might add!) until you return.

She currently lives with 2 cats who are very relaxed in her company; Gretchen gives off good cat vibes.

This gem of a pup is gentle and loving and sweet, her forever family will be the luckiest people!