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Greta is a super-trooper senior! Despite her age-related aches, this shy little lady is happy to walk (as fast as her little legs will allow) with her foster mom.

She is so calm and relaxed and she is wagging her tail more and more often. Greta follows her foster mom around the house and seems to predict such routines as outdoor walks and bedtime. She likes to rest on a fleece blanket in her crate or on the carpet near the sofa.  Greta travels very easily: and has accompanied her foster family to visit family and friends. She has made friends with the neighbour’s dog, Leonard. That was definitely the highlight of the week: seeing how happily they interacted while they walked together. 

Greta is a beautiful pet who is very affectionate and responsive to being cuddled.

We don’t know much about what she has seen and experienced in her past, but we know she deserves a loving home for her golden years.