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If you’re familiar with the 1984 film Gremlins, you’ll know where Gremlin got his name, thanks to his adorable little under-bite and floppy, pointy ears. But while this pup can be a mischievous little rascal at times, his similarities to the movie’s titular mogwai begin and end with his fuzzy, cuddly cuteness. Gremlin was very shy when he first arrived in Toronto, but he’s also been tremendously brave and has been able to show us what a loving little guy he is. He is house-trained and good on walks.  He loves playing tug o’ war with his blanket and having fun chasing his fosters up and down the hall. All he really wants is to snuggle up in his bed and watch TV with you — maybe even a movie. Gremlin would be well-suited to a loving, patient household who will give him the support he needs as he continues to reveal his wonderful, loving, adorable personality!