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This pup has two modes: playing and sleeping. If she’s not doing one, she’s definitely doing the other. Greer has a ton of puppy energy and loves to run around the apartment and play games with her foster moms. Once she tires herself out, she turns into a nap queen and won’t budge from her favourite sleep spot!
On walks, we are working on loose leash walking. She is very mild mannered when greeting anyone she meets, humans and dogs alike.
Greer is very smart and knows to sit and lie down and she is very food motivated. She sits without being asked as soon as the treats come out!
Greer has a ton of personality and the more we get to know her, the more it comes through. She loves her foster cats and enjoys watching them go about their day to day. Greer is still learning that dogs and cats don’t speak the same language, and that they don’t necessarily understand how to play with her. We think she’ll be great in a home with cats after proper intros.
Greer is crate trained and sleeps through the night quietly and she’s excited to see her family when she wakes up.
Greer will be an excellent dog for someone that is as eager to work on Greer’s training as Greer is to learn! She’ll be the perfect addition to a new family.