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Meet Godiva! She is perhaps the sweetest new Canadian canine. Godiva absolutely loves the outdoors, she could walk for hours! She is excellent with other dogs and is always good at introducing herself nicely. She is super friendly, happy and loves to play! She is medium energy and sleeps most of the day but is ready for playtime anytime!

Inside the home she is still a little shy with new things and new people but adjusts quickly and warms up in no time at all! She loves giving kisses and receiving belly rubs; she’s all about spreading the love! She sleeps through the night on her dog bed without a peep and is working on her other basics too, where she’s making awesome progress every day. She is gentle and kind and will be a great addition to a lucky family!

There is no doubt that this cuddly, loving and undeniably cute pup will earn your heart and love in no time!