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Ginger is a shy, loving girl who’s made so much progress since she’s arrived to Canada, she’s really come out of her shell!

She is the perfect girl in the house, fully trained and doesn’t get into any mischief; her fosters trust her in the home completely! She runs and jumps with excitement every time someone comes home, watching her will just about warm anyone’s heart. This girl is all about getting love and giving love, it’s her life’s mission to get in on as many cuddle sessions as she can. She thinks herself a little lap dog, so don’t tell her 45 pounds for a lap dog miiiiight be pushing it. Besides cuddles this girl is also all about the belly rub life and the chew toy life, her perfect day would be filled with all of the above.

Sweet girl Ginger has come such a long way already; she’s ready for the next chapter in her life, it’ll be so heartwarming to watch her blossom even further with her forever family!