Georgia is living proof that the best things come in small packages. She weighs no more than 10lbs, but she carries way more love than her tiny frame can carry. She’s a little bit shy at first, but her love for people shines through – she can’t resist making friends with everyone she comes across. Besides people, her favorite things include treats and afternoon naps. She’s also a big fan of soft, comfy couches – the only thing she loves more than curling up on the couch is cuddle time on any available lap! This sweetheart is a total lapdog and the perfect companion for when you want to read a book, get some work done, or veg out watching TV.
She’s slowly getting over her fear of elevators and moving traffic, but she’s picking up fast. She’s also learning the basic tricks like “sit” and “stay.” In her ideal world she would sleep on the bed with her future paw-rents, but she’s learning how to be independent in her crate.