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Fraser is the ultimate cuddle buddy who is looking to find his partner in naps! He’s very loving and is happy to cover your face in as many kisses as you’ll let him.

Fraser is mellow indoors after he scopes out the scene and is completely house trained. He sleeps through the night in his crate with a little initial encouragement to get inside, though he’d much rather cuddle you in bed. He’s super friendly with all people and is working on brushing up on his manners; not everyone wants a hug and a kiss from this big boy! Fraser enjoys quiet walks through local trails and residential streets, as he builds his confidence in busier areas he’ll be sure to love a stroll through the city.

He’s a real smart pup who’s already mastered sit and has good recall. He’s working on his leash skills too and with time and consistency he’ll be a loose leash walking professional! Fraser has so much love to give and would thrive in home that is able to hone his basics and give this goober a soft spot to snooze. He’s a real gem and has so much potential!