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This bouncing baby boy is just that – bouncy!

He is truly the living embodiment of the song, “Every Breath You Take” by the Police. Having this lovely boy in your life means you will never be lonely again. Sitting on the couch? He’s joining. Making yourself some lunch? He wants to be right beside you! You need a bathroom break? No such thing as a ‘break’ in his mind! He will be your bestie, your shadow.

Francois is a great walker and a jogging buddy! Is that a squirrel over there? Doesn’t matter because he just wants to be beside you. He is still adjusting to the hustle and bustle of city life but is getting braver by the day.

Francois is best suited for those who have a bit more energy and are willing to walk/run him for a couple hours a day. He’s do great with another dog too, someone who can show him the ropes.

In addition to loving you, Francois will also love your cat! Even if the cat isn’t thrilled, Francois still wants to be best friends.

Overall Francois is the goodest of the boys! He has nothing but love to give, and boy does he have a lot of love. His bright brown eyes will melt any heart. He is a happy, happy pup. He would 100% love to be a part of your family!