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They don’t call him FOX for nothin’.

This unique little guy is a mystery. Literally. We’re unsure of his full breed but what we do know is that he has a very distinctive coat; the fur on his precious little face is bright red!

From what his foster mom tells us, Fox has a knack for exploring the new world around him and loves to have company around while doing so. In true testament to his name, he makes fox-like noises when he gets excited. I mean come on, what’s cuter than that?

Fox is super friendly around other dogs and has made a best fur-iend out of his foster bro, Wendel. This social butterfly gets along with medium-high energy dogs but has also been around low energy, smaller breeds. He takes to strangers really well, in fact, he’s made friends with his foster neighbours who he loves to play and snuggle with.

His foster family is currently working on housebreaking Fox as well as teaching him basic commands and recall but tell us that he’s learning every day! He’d be best suited for an individual or a family who leads a semi-active lifestyle and will continue training this handsome guy.

Looking for the perfect family dog? FOX is your guy!