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Floyd is one calm, collected, cool dude!

Indoors, he’s happy to hang out on the couch with his people. He’s always game for a major cuddle session and always has kisses to spare. He’s a real stunner too with the most beautiful coat; he’s a one of a kind pup, inside and out!

Floyd loves to play with his canine foster sister and sneaks away with her toys any chance he gets. He’s house trained and is as quiet as a mouse anytime he’s in his crate. This boy is always an eager beaver when it comes to mealtime, he’s a real smarty pants too and quickly figures out any food puzzle toys he can get his paws on.
Being the smarty pants that he is, Floyd is already making amazing strides in his training, he already walks well on leash and is excited to learn as much as he can! He’s great with other dogs, relaxed around cats and absolutely adores every person he meets. Once this pup has said hello he’s ready to settle in for a cuddle; he’s such a good boy and will make the most loving companion.