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Fletcher Jr.  is the epitome of a human’s best friend. When you look into his eyes you see loyalty, love and the seeking of approval. This sweet boy loves to cuddle, play with other dogs and explore the world. He is great with little dogs as he’s super gentle, understands his strength/size, and is very respectful of boundaries. He’s good with cats too! Even though he’s more passive puppy, he reads social cues and is easy going in a home environment. He’s good at sharing ( toys, water, bed) and loves to be included in all activities. He’s really starting to settle in and enjoy his new surroundings. He has been adapting to his name and is becoming a lot more responsive. He may be shy at first so approach slowly, but once he’s comfortable he’ll be wanting belly rubs!

Fun facts I’ve learn about Fletch so far: When he’s happy he grunts… its ADORABLE! He loves balls, he’s smart, he’s a quick learner and is super trusting when the opportunity presents itself. He also loves to play in the snow!