Flax will be your new BFF, glued to your side no matter the task; he just wants to be with you! From long morning walks (or runs!) to binge watching your favourite series he is down for it all. He is still growing out of his puppy-phase so he needs your support in making sure he knows what is expected of him and setting boundaries. He is a champ at letting you know when it is time for a bathroom break, sleeping in his crate, playing fetch and learning commands (he is already a pro at sit, stay, drop it, and shake a paw). Flax needs you to support him in new situations (people, places, and dogs) and when strange noises are heard. With a quick rub on the back or pep talk (“You’ve got this Flax!”) he is typically good to go. Flax would be a great addition to an active home who is prepared to work with him on his training and help him be less nervous.   He has unfortunately been returned to us three times through no fault of his own; he’s an amazing dog who deserves a patient, loving home where he is given the chance to truly flourish.

Flax has also been cat tested and is fine to go to a home with feline friends.