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Fitzgerald is the sweetest little guy!

He’s fairly quiet and low-key unless of course, it’s mealtime. Fitz gets very excited about his meals; wagging his tail at the speed of light to make sure you know he’s a hungry boy.

Fitz loves to go to the park and generally walks at a slower pace so he can stop and smell the roses. He gets along well with his three foster-siblings as well as other dogs and people that he meets. Aside from his meal-time excitement, he doesn’t make a sound so he would be perfectly suited to condo living. Fitz is house trained  and has free roam of the house when his foster parents are out as he is a perfect gentleman when left alone.

In his spare time, Fitz loves to lay outside in the backyard and soak up the sun. If you’re looking for a calm companion and a gentle soul, Fitz is your man.