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Fernando is a feisty, energetic boy who is sure to make you laugh with his silly antics!

He’s an absolute pleasure to be around, he’s super affectionate and friendly with his people but is also able to be independent and hang out on his own. He’s a dream in the house; he sleeps in his crate peacefully at night and is completely housebroken. When left alone during the day he’s fine to curl up on a rug to catch some shut-eye or spend the day entertaining himself with a toy. He’s a total goofball when it comes to playtime, he loves to frolic around in the grass and likes to be involved when you’re out gardening; Fernando has a lot to say to the gardening hose! He always greets his people with the cutest full body wiggles and tail wags. He’ll make an excellent companion to someone looking for a pup packed with personality!