Emmett is a goofball who needs an attentive, loving owner who can make him feel comfortable and at home. This adorable, 1.5 year old Chihuahua is under 16 lbs, is partial to men, and can be a bit possessive of his toys, whether it be his sticks at the park or his toys at home. He likes to think he’s about 10 ft tall, but when you get to know him you’ll quickly realize he’s a bit of a baby. He’s comfortable with dogs his size, but can be a bit intimidated by the bigger ones.

He also loves to run! He is a bit of a flight risk, but once he is aware of his surroundings and feeling comfortable, he won’t stray far. That’s why we’re looking for an attentive, active forever home for Emmett so he can get the exercise he needs. He’s in great health and could probably stand to gain a few pounds.

Emmett is full of personality and loves toys, walks, and snuggles. He’s the perfect companion!

Kids: Over 12
Other dogs: Dogs similar in size only
Cats: No
Special needs: Needs an active but attentive owner to make him feel comfortable. Working on house training.

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