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Princess Emmaline is one of the most special little dogs you’ll ever meet. Endlessly kind, cuddly and quiet as a mouse; this little girl will tip toe her way into your heart.

She may be blind but she is brave! All she needs is a little bit of patience and encouragement from you (and maybe a helpful jangly bell or set of keys) and she’ll prance right along on her leash to catch up with you.

Emmy loves open spaces where she can bop around without fear of bumping into things. Sound appears to be her primary way of navigating, but isn’t bothered by too much sound!

Emmaline is good with all living things (cats included)! She also loves to sleep. Her favorite pastime is placing her little head on a puffy pillow and sleeping the afternoon away. Perfectly content to continue her meditations in a crate, you can always be sure she’ll be safe when you’re not around. She is also completely house trained and never ever barks.

Emmaline deserves a loving home full of pillows and cuddles and love. Could you be her fairy tale ending?