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Eloise is a cutie and a total sweetheart! She loves having her human’s attention. She also loves her crate and prefers hanging out in there even if the door is open. Eloise is a bit timid on walks, as she is still getting accustomed to her new life in the city, and will stick right by your side. She is also not accustomed to the cold Canadian weather and enjoys cozying up under blankets or cuddling right next to you. Eloise also enjoys cuddling with her canine foster sibling. She’s a quiet girl, and hasn’t barked once yet. She wants to please and would benefit from someone willing to spend time teaching her. She knows “lie down” and “no” and would love to learn more! She needs a fair bit of encouragement around potty training, but we’re going on two days without accidents so she seems to be picking it up. Not only is Eloise she dog friendly, she is cat friendly too! She’s an amazing dog and would do well in a patient and loving home with people that can help her build her confidence.