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Ellis is a super sweet, calm, good boy! He’s stolen our hearts already. He’s very eager to please and although a little timid, very trusting and watches for cues. With a little time, I think he will become a very confident boy. He hasn’t made a peep and is low-energy so far. He doesn’t seem to know his basic commands yet, but understands when you don’t want him doing something. He’s very food motivated and takes treats gently. Although he had a accident inside when he first arrived, I think he is house trained. He didn’t come up on the couch until I invited him and when I said no to going on the bed, he was happy to curl up and sleep on his doggy bed. He’s a dream in the car and either sits nicely on his seat or takes a snooze. He is very polite and friendly with our dog and doesn’t become overly excited; he just wags his tail gingerly. He doesn’t pull too hard on leash but is a bit distracted with exploring so will need a little work, however, with a little guidance he seems happy to follow me wherever I want him to go.