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Ella is a total sweetheart – she loves both attention and food, and will do her best to get as much of both as she can.

She’s mastered long flights of stairs, is the queen of walking with a loose leash, falls right asleep in the car, and is an amazing office dog. With a couple of chill walks each day she’s happy to nap the day away at your feet or beside you on the couch.
Ella is a little suspicious of strangers and other dogs on walks, but will just stop and watch them, she never pulls towards them or barks. The people she really just wants to say hello to! Other dogs are a bit more exciting, but we’ve been making excellent progress with sitting and checking in with her people when other dogs are nearby.
Ella is deaf and has learned hand signs for sit, come, and go in your crate, and is working on lie down, stay, off, and settling down. She consistently sits and waits before receiving her food or going through doors. She is a cuddle bug and would prefer to be touching you at all times, but is learning quickly that sometimes her people are busy and she’ll get more attention by lying nearby in her bed.
She settles quickly in her crate when left alone in the house. If people are still around while she’s crated she will fuss, including at bedtime, but this is improving with time and training. She has not barked at all so far, other than while crated, and does sleep through the night once she falls asleep. She also loves carrot, sleeps with her tongue sticking out, and snores like a baby elephant

*Ella needs to be the only pet in her future adoptive home.*