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Edwin is a very special dog with a very big heart! He was found as a stray and at some point in his life had surgery to remove his eye. It was clear he was someone’s pet at some time but no one came to claim him. This is how it goes in some parts of the world.

He is a perfect little lap dog but he has a big personality. He’s quiet, extremely smart (sometimes too smart!) and gets along with other dogs. He wants to play and loves getting dogs out of their shell. In groups of people he will work a room, visiting every person for pets and snuggles. He loves cuddling on the couch, snuggling in bed and can be demanding if he feels he’s not getting enough pets.

He is indifferent to the snow, he doesn’t mind wearing sweaters but he really doesn’t care. He really loves female dogs and is always quick to snuggle with one – we believe he is a bit of a ladies man! He has a unique double colored coat (brown and black on top, light beige underneath) and a really cute skunk stripe on the back of his neck! Our guess is some type of cattle dog chihuahua hybrid! He’s 16 lbs.

He’d do well with any type of training, he is lightning smart.
Edwin needs to go to a home with another dogs and cannot go to a home with cats.
This dog is one in a million!