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Easton is just the sweetest gentleman there is! He is super affectionate, showering his people with lots of kisses and cuddles; he’s the world’s largest lap dog for sure. He’s caring guy and likes to know where his people are so he can check up on you to make sure you’re doing okay. He is doing well with his leash skills and he is making a lot of progress! He is very good with dogs of all sizes, he’s an absolute gentleman and will politely greet everyone he meets, dog and human alike. Easton has not barked yet either, he is a very quiet dog.  If Easton had to list his top three favourite things it would definitely be: cheese, walks and all the snuggles he can get. He would do great with an active family who likes being outside and then snuggling at home with some Netflix. He would literally be your best friend for life!