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Just look at him! This little guy is a serious heart breaker, he is so sweet, gentle and loving. Hes not even a year old, still has that velvety puppy fur and is growing into his big paws.
Always in the mood to be around people, shower them with love and kisses and sit on your feet. He likes to follow us from room to room as he is very curious but also looking for attention whenever he can get it.
In the few days he has been with us he has shown amazing progress with basic commands, walking on leash as well as being out on busy streets. He can get overwhelmed with buses, street cars and big trucks but if you keep him focused he’s unfazed and it’s improving every day! We are still working on potty training but he’s a smart puppy and believe he will get it in no time.
We have introduced him to our elderly cat who Ducky is amazing with! He has booped him nose to nose a couple times but the cat is old and crotchety so Ducky gives him the space he needs.  He has been very good encountering other dogs on walks even revving a couple up to play around.
He also sleeps soundly at night in his crate and is great in the car, just calmly sits in the back until he falls asleep