Say hello to handsome Donnie!

Donnie is an incredibly loving and sweet dog in a big body. He is very mellow indoors and wants nothing more than to cover you with kisses before settling down for a nap (or two, or three…). He is very smart and eager to please; he picks up household rules quickly and has mastered basic commands. Donnie doesn’t need a home with a backyard as he is happy with a few good walks a day. He is very comfortable sleeping in his crate throughout the night and is quiet when left in his crate during the day. 

Donnie is still getting used to city living and will do well continuing to explore quiet streets and parks. He is working hard on loose leash walking and is getting the hang of it quickly. He loves meeting people on his walks and everyone is quick to say what a handsome and friendly doggo he is. 

Donnie is full of love and is looking for someone who has the same appreciation for cuddles and naps! 

Donnie will need to be the only pet in the household.