Your gift will make an immediate impact on the transport and vetting expenses for our dogs.

How do you like them apples?

Help us give these dogs their Redemption Rides to Canada! Our new rescue partner has waited a YEAR, we couldn’t wait any longer and it’s finally time to bring the apple themed dogs to Redemption Paws.

We are always in need of new unopened bags of kibble and to refresh our stash of toys that we loan out to the foster homes. Please purchase from our Amazon Wishlist which is updated regularly! The items are shipped directly to one of our volunteer supply hubs, from which the foster parents are able to pick up the supplies.

Visit our store to buy rescue forward merchandise! Each piece of clothing is made to order and is size inclusive. Proceeds of all sales go towards our rescue initiatives!

Since our inception, we’ve been dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating dogs in need, giving them a chance at a brighter future. And now, as we go into our 7th year, we’re setting our sights to continue our mission with even greater impact.

Together, we can continue to rewrite the stories of deserving dogs, offering them a chance to experience love, companionship, and happiness. Your support not only transforms the lives of these four-legged friends but also enriches the lives of their future families. Where does all the funding go?

  • Rescue Operations: Covering transportation, intake procedures, and initial assessments for newly rescued dogs.
  • Medical Care and Rehabilitation: Providing veterinary care, vaccinations, spaying/neutering, and medical treatments tailored to each dog’s needs. Also supporting rehabilitation efforts and emotional healing.
  • Training and Enrichment Programs: Funding comprehensive training for essential skills and behaviours, along with activities that enhance mental and emotional well-being.
  • Adoption Initiatives: Creating adoption events, crafting promotional materials, and facilitating the adoption process.

Thank you for being a crucial part of our journey so far. With your help, we’re confident that the next chapter will be even more remarkable. Here’s to six years of second chances, and to many more ahead! 

Our transport missions, veterinary care, and foster supplies are funded by donations. Redemption Paws started with a promise to save 10 dogs, which turned into 40 dogs… and now, five years later we have rescued over 3200 dogs! We are a premier dog rescue in Canada, and have as many as 100 dogs at a time under our direct care in foster homes! Redemption Paws is proud to be a CRA-registered Canadian charity (BN: 795539311RR0001).

Donations of $20 CAD or more will receive a tax receipt. 

To donate via cheque, please make cheques out to “Redemption Paws” and send them to the following address. Please include a note with your email so that we can send you a tax receipt.

Redemption Paws
60 Atlantic Ave., Suite 200
Toronto, ON M6K 1X9

We are foster-based, which means we do not have a physical shelter.

Please check if you are in our adoption radius before applying.

Due to the lack of history on our dogs, we can not place them in homes with children under 12 years of age.

We do not have a contact phone number as we are not a 9 to 5 shelter.

We reserve the right not to respond to applications that do not meet our adoption criteria.

We get a high volume of correspondences, please be patient!

Harassment or bullying of any kind will not be tolerated.

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    Redemptions Paws is a federal Canadian registered charity. Charitable Registration Number: 795539311RR0001