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Dill is an affectionate and playful boy with lots of love to give to his future owner(s). He’s great with new people but has a tendency to get a little too excited. We’re working on setting boundaries with him so he can express his joy without invading someone’s personal space. Dill loves walks, chew toys and curling up on the couch or floor for a nap. ⁣

For someone who hasn’t had much in the way of training, Dill is picking up new commands fairly well. We’re still working on “come” and “lie down”. Dill’s leash skills need some work, but for an energetic youngster he’s very good. He would benefit from a confident and active owner who will continue to set boundaries. ⁣

Dill isn’t very vocal, even in stressful situations and has only had one accident inside- first night in a new place. Lastly. Dill is very respectful in the morning. He lets you sleep in without whining or pawing at the door and patiently waits until your ready to go. ⁣

Dill is a great guy with loads of potential and love.

Lab - cattle dog mix
, 1 year old
, Medium (40 lbs)
, Male