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Billy is sweet, gentle and ready to love his future family. He is very excited to see, smell and taste new things. Every room he enters gets a thorough Hound Round but he will quickly come back if you whistle. While showing signs of once being an indoor dog, Billy has the very entertaining desire to bury his treats for later. He will eat the more delicious treats immediately and hide the dry snacks in couches, shoes and for some reason, the staircases. He doesn’t mind going in his crate and constantly checks to see if anyone has left a sweet potato chunk inside. Billy is open for anything that involves cuddles, even if it means sharing you with the resident cat. His preference is to sit right on your lap while staring deep into your eyes. While he likes other animals, Billy wants you to make it clear that he is the top dog and most deserving of your love and attention. He is patient, calm inside and happy to help around the office if it means being in the same room as you.

Shepherd mix
, Estimated 1 year old
, 40 lbs
, Male