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Disco is a sweet girl who thrives on human affection!

If there is one thing this girl knows for sure- it is how beautiful she is. She soaks up of the attention from every human who even looks in her direction. She loves to cuddle with her blanket on the couch and watch sports -but when it’s time to go for a walk- she’s the first one to the door! This is also true for car rides. She is making improvements daily on her leash training and while she’s still adjusting to the commotion and construction of the city, she is becoming braver with each passing day. Disco sleeps peacefully in her crate every night, and can be left alone during the day with no fuss at all. She’s fully house trained too!

With the love and support from her forever family, Disco will only continue to blossom into a confident young pup! She’s such a superstar already, her forever family are in for a real treat.