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They call me Denali…

I’m told that I have one of those souls. Those sweet, gentle souls, with so much depth. My foster parents don’t think I am a doggo – they think I am something else entirely… pure magic. I am so grateful for love and want to be as close to my people as physics will allow. When I am with my pack, I am a calm, snuggle-bug that wants to gaze at my humans with my gentle hazel eyes and snoozle with them all day.

They tell me that they can’t understand how I ended up in a shelter…neither can I. I think that’s why I get scared when I am left alone. I want to feel safe, and to know that my people are always coming back for me. I am 100% potty trained, know all my basic commands, am a dream on my leash, stay glued to my peoples side, and am the gentlest, goodest boy. I am waiting for my forever family who will give me a life of love and affection and have the flexibility to spend most days by my exquisite side… and when I find my perfect match, I promise to be the most loving and loyal companion you have ever had.