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Delphine is the most lovely little pup!

This sweet girl is slowly but surely coming out of her shell to show off what a gem she truly is! She’s a treat to walk and doesn’t pay much mind to any distractions that come up like other dogs and people, this girl’s focus is on enjoying her time with her people! This girl has aced every single cat test she’s taken and would be more than okay going to a home with feline siblings. Delphine loves routine, knowing her daily activities gives her confidence to take on a new day. As she’s come out of her shell, Delphine is showing off her playful side, the toys that used to get the cold shoulder are now a staple in her toy arsenal.

This beauty is a one of a kind pup who would thrive in a patient, loving home that understands that Miss Delphine needs a bit of a confidence boost; she’s come so far in foster care and will only continue to blossom in her forever home!